Daily 8.30 AM - 6.00 PM 


Daaibooi near St. Willibrordus
Tel. 864 3344

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Divers Republic


Would you like to experience the beautiful underwater world during your stay in Curacao? Then this is your
opportunity at Divers Republic.
The opportunity to combine your relaxing and luxurious vacation to Curacao, with an unforgettable (diving)
Our dive center is recently established at the beautiful beach Daaibooi. Divers Republic is a dive center located at one of the most beautiful spots of the island, directly on the beach.

Divers Republic stands for Safety, Experience and Awareness, or SEA. We strive for the highest quality to give you the diving experience of your life. The dive center is an official professional PADI Dive Center. This means that we meet the strict standards and requirements of PADI
(Professional Association of Diving Instructors).
Both beginners and advanced divers can dive and follow courses available at Diverse Republic. As a PADI Dive Center we can also provide all training to the level of assistant instructor

For beginners, we have the “Try Dive”. It introduces you to the unique experience of diving. Would your children also get a first experience with diving? That’s possible with the “Bubble-maker” program. Your children (8 years) will learn in a fun, easy and safe way to get a first introduction to diving. Do you already have more experience, choose one of the other packages:
Every Wednesday guided night snorkeling (for all ages) and night diving at 6.30 PM
• Refresh your skills, when you did your last dive more than 1/2 year ago.
• Guided shore dive; a dive experience from the coast under supervision of an instructor.
• Lion Fish Hunt, under supervision, hunt and catch your own Lion Fish!
Or choose only the diving equipment and decide on the spot what you will do.
For more information about the arrangements, conditions and Republic Divers, read more on , mail or drop by.

Divers Republic; For a unique diving experience!

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