The Organization

Launched in 2003 and recognized by the official Curaçao Tourism Board, the Big Red Island Guide with the largest number of circulation and a guaranteed full years availability presented early 2012 it’s seventh edition.
The BIG RED Island Guide is the one & only complete overview of Curaçao's restaurant trade, shops and all the ‘things you can do’. This magazine is published with two objectives:
• At first, The BIG RED Island Guide is because of it’s clear lay-out the most well   organized magazine of the island. That’s why it’s for all inhabitants of Curaçao as well as for our visiting tourists very easy to find a restaurant or bar to his or her liking. Because of the luxury finish of the guide, this will be a ‘copy to keep’ and you’ll find one at every household and hotelroom.
• Secondly, The BIG RED Island Guide strives after the participation of all the restaurants, bars, shops and ‘Things To Do’ on Curaçao. This will make ‘The BIG RED Island Guide’ the most complete guide on the island. Because of the extreme high circulation the island is being covered for one whole year for both our inhabitants as well as our tourists.
Next to the hard copy of the BIG RED we have our website. The site is an addition to the publication of the annual guide and also features a complete overview of Curaçao’s restaurants, bars, shops and ‘Things To Do’. The site is divided in to categories which are also mentioned in the BIG RED Island Guide.

For more information you can contact us at any time!