International, Local and Bali night on Wednesday


Wednesday till Monday: 6.00 PM  - 12.00 PM
Tuesday available for groups and company parties or other celebrations
of love and commitment


aboard Boathouse
Brakkeput Ariba z/n, near Jan Thiel and Jan Sofat
Tel. 767 2221 • Fax. 767 2242
www.boathousecuracao.com • info@boathousecuracao.com

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Nestled on a hilltop, overlooking the Spanish Waters at Curaçao’s south coast, Boathouse welcomes you aboard! Whether you prefer casual dining or elegant cuisine, there is a world of tempting dishes for all to explore. Boathouse serves a wide range of delicious and beautifully presented dishes, composed of the freshest ingredients: succulent seafood, poultry and meat cuts, seasonal fruits and vegetables straight from the market, the cook prepares delicate sauces bursting with flavor. Sit back, relax and enjoy the sunset with a perfectly blended cocktail or other drink from the extensively stocked bar.

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