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Scuba Lodge


Curacao offers world class diving whether you are a beginner or a proficient diver. The island is gifted with 60+ dive sites which are accessible by boat or shore in tropical warm conditions.

Scuba Lodge aims to be the best and most personal dive center on the beautiful island of Curacao. Our device is small groups, personal attention and individual needs. Professional and honest advice will help you to make your holiday an unforgettable experience. We offer all possiblediving courses and fun diving all around the island. Our local instructors know the nicest spots and the best reefs. We also rent-out equipment which is well maintained to ensure your safety and provide you with worry-free diving.

Whether you a are a beginner looking to discover what diving has to offer you, a certified diver who likes to explore the Curacao underwater delights, an experienced diver eager to explore, or a diver aspiring to become a Dive master, we have something for everyone.

We make it fun, we take it easy, we keep it safe; we love diving!

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