More than 15 different kind of beers


Daily: 7.00 AM - 11.00 PM


Plein Café Wilhemina
Wilhelminaplein 19-23
Tel. 461 9666 • Fax 461 0699

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Plein Café Wilhelmina


This is the place to be in Punda’s beating heart. Wilhelmina is a great place to do some people watching (and to be watched yourself), to read the extensive assortment of newspapers and magazines, wireless internet and, of course, to enjoy an excellent breakfast, lunch and dinner, with every night a different special for Nafl. 13,50 and an extensive menu.


Live Music: Every Thursday and Saturday.


Note the rich assortment of specialty beers. The service here is alert and courteous, as should be expected from an establishment named after Dutch royalty.
Plein Café Wilhelmina is a typical Dutch terrace under the Caribbean Sun.

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