Indonesian, Thai and Asian Cuisine • Tuesday and Thursday: Thai Food Specials • Wednesday: Nasi and Bami night • Saturday: Sate Happy Hour and night with live music


Daily: 11.30 AM - 10.00 PM
Sunday closed


Suikertuintjeweg z/n
Tel. 738 9444

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Restaurant and Toko Sambal: that’s the Indonesia & Thai cuisine at its best.
Laos, Sereh, Asam, Lombok, Kunyit, Kemiri, Salam, Gula and Jawa... just a couple of the many fresh ingredients they use in age-old family recipes from the Indonesian archipelago. Dishes like Sambal Goreng Telor, Sayur beans, Rendang, Babi Kecap, Lemper, Risolles, Ikan Bali and the Sate Ayam, Babi & Sapi of course.
At restaurant and Toko Sambal in Zuikertuin Mall you’re welcome to dine inside (airco) and outside (cozy terrace), but they also do take-away and you can take your “rijsttafel” home.

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